Much Too Young – A documentary about Young Caregivers who have a parent with Early Onset Alzheimer’s.

MUCH TOO YOUNG, is a feature-length documentary about young caregivers all dealing with a parent who has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. This film will follow each of them as they cope with their life at home, caring for an ailing parent. They are all coming to terms with the fact that they are Much Too Young to face this harsh reality.

Much Too Young will paint a picture of what it’s like to have an ailing parent at such a young age. It will follow young caregivers as they try and live their lives while sacrificing a huge part of it to help with their ailing parents. The film will also show some of them as they try and take a more proactive role and participate in advocacy and education initiatives about a disease that is lacking financial support and awareness in their home city.

The Filmmaker Chris Wynn (FORGETFUL NOT FORGOTTEN). who was a young caregiver to his father with early onset Alzheimer’s will document the young caregivers over one year of their lives in the Toronto area.


We are hoping to raise about $20,000.00 to get this project off the ground.
This will cover the costs of a small crew to begin filming the stories and will cover all necessary equipment.

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