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Navigating Seniors Housing & Care


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Christine ForgetChristine Forget has great experience in helping families understand and select the best seniors’ home and care requirements for their loved ones.  Many families dealing with Power of Attorney issues must make important care and housing decisions.  Please enjoy listening to what Christine has to say.  It will broaden your understanding of care and seniors’ housing.


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About Christine Forget, Chief Operating Officer

Christine grew up in seniors housing and has over 18 years of progressive experience and training. Since 1996, she has worked in both Long Term Care and Retirement Communities. Spending 6 years as a Regional and Corporate Director for two of the largest Seniors Housing Companies in Canada/Ontario.

During this time Christine oversaw over 25 retirement communities, intensively studies local markets, trained their sales teams and established marketing and sales strategies for various communities.

Christine has also personally helped countless seniors and families transition into retirement and long term care facilities. Thus able to now give practical advice on what others have found and experienced by making the transition.

In 2013, Christine created a company called Solva Senior Living in Ottawa, Ontario. Solva is locally known as Ottawa’s local Retirement Home Search Consultants. After years in the industry, watching individuals making decisions in crisis or based on a good sales process, Christine created this company with the intent to share her local knowledge and resources to help those navigate the overwhelming amount of offerings and ultimately make informed decisions.

Christine also owns accessibility and aging at home company in Ottawa, Ontario that helps individuals age at home by providing home modifications for safety, freedom and independence. Christine holds a certificate in Accessible Home Design.

About: Help For Mom

Our Story

Help For Mom is a trusted Canadian company built on strong Canadian values and experience. Help For Mom was created by Canadian senior living industry experts to provide a unique service for families that are trying to navigate seniors housing and care.

Our leadership team bring an assortment of senior living industry experience. Everyone at Help For Mom has the acute understanding of how local senior living services operate and have helped countless seniors make the transition. Our team have a keen understanding of what makes a good and great senior living provider or community and they know the right questions to ask. Working with Help For Mom you will access a true insider’s view of the retirement and senior living industry. Our ElderCare Advisors have the experience to ask you the right questions to help find the best match and provide you guidance from an insider’s perspective.

Our Advisors number one goal is to remain impartial. They are not paid commission nor have sales targets and will help your find the best solution for both aging at home or relocating to a retirement community. We work with providers who meet the Help For Mom standards, industry best practice and government regulations. We take our client’s feedback very seriously and offer suggestions to the service provider or community to improve offerings.

At Help For Mom, it is our mission to improve the lives of seniors and the businesses that improve their lives.

Areas Where Your ElderCare Advisor May Provide Referrals & Resources:

Our ElderCare Advisors are happy to help you navigate the local options and weigh the best solution between aging at home vs relocating to seniors housing. They are a free resource that will not only help you save time, but give you piece of mind that you are making informed decisions.

Aging at Home Relocating to Seniors Housing
Home Making Services Seniors Apartments & Villa’s
Home Care & Support Service Supportive Housing or Cluster Care
Home Cleaning Services for Seniors Independent Living Retirement Residences
Companion Services Independent Supportive Living Communities
At Home Respite Care Assisted Living Retirement Residences
Nurse Managed Care Specialized Assisted Living Communities
At Home Therapy Services Memory Care Programs
Transportation Services Specialized Memory Care Communities
Home Modification Services Aging in Place Communities
At Home Meal Preparation Respite Accommodations & Care
And many more….



Our philosophy is simple:

We believe in developing relationships with our clients. To take the time to understand their individual situations and needs. Listening to them with compassion and empathy. Discussing the options and provide them with guidance that will help them make informed decisions. We believe in staying in contact with them throughout the Aging Process as their Eldercare Advisor.

How we do this is also simple:

We hire Advisors who are not only compassionate but highly experienced and knowledgeable within the aging at home and retirement industry. Our Advisors are not only experts in their regional area but they also stay in constant communication with the local retirement homes, home support/care service providers and public service providers.

We also screen the providers that we recommend to ensure any recommendations are based on standards and quality.


Who benefits from our services?

We work with seniors and their loves ones to help them narrow down options and service for aging at home or locating to the right retirement home options best for their lifestyle and budget.

We also work with healthcare providers by offering a 24 hour / 7 days a week urgent retirement residence locator service. We can quickly locate accommodations and care services based on the clients needs for a same day placement at great daily rates.

We can also work with employers that are interested in reducing employee loss time by educating workers with aging parents. By providing information and resources to help them navigate the continuum of care when or if the time comes.



Respite: Otherwise known as a short break, is about giving Mom the time to rest, recover, recharge and reconnect.

Short term accommodations, care and support may be required for a variety of reasons. These may include:

  • Post Operation
  • Overcoming and Illness
  • Caregiver Stress
  • Family on Vacation
  • Winter Stay

Our Eldercare Advisors will not only help the family save time from calling around but also provide the peace of mind that your loved one will be cared for in a reputable, comfortable and affordable residence that meets their individual needs.

Save time! Contact your local Eldercare Advisor today to find availability and pricing for local options.

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