What you need to know about funeral pre-planning, but were afraid to ask.

Kate DowneyPodcast Transcript – Kat Downey

Kat Downey is founder and owner of a company called “Legacy Matters”. She leverages her skills as a licensed Funeral Director to help families with their pre-planning funeral needs.

We are honoured that Kat has joined our project to share some of her years of experience and wisdom in order to give our audience a better understanding of some of the basic questions we all have about funerals.

During our podcast, Kat addresses the  following questions:

  1. I thought cremation was cheaper than burial? Right?
  2. How is my money protected if I prepay my funeral?
  3. Do I have to have a casket if I am going to be cremated?
  4. Can I prepay the funeral for my dad if he has Alzheimer’s?
  5. Can I prepay my funeral over time or do I have to pay it all at once?
  6. I heard the funeral home has to guarantee the future cost – is this true?
  7. What happens if I died away from home?


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