Not Invited AGAIN.

Well it happened again this year. My sister and my parents got together for Easter Brunch today and I was not invited AGAIN!

I cannot tell you how many times that they have planned things and not even bothered to ask if I would like to be included. It’s as if I am not part of the family. It really hurts me that they either don’t want me around or they just have forgotten to ask me. What should I do?


Dear Vince:

Start Inviting Them

Why should you wait to be invited? You can waste a lot of time wondering why they don’t include you or you can spend your time by inviting your family to events that you organize.

Simple events are always the best. Think of some fun ways to celebrate Spring. Offer to take them for a drive, pick up some pretty flowers together or take them to a coffee shop for some special treats.

Major events such as weddings, birthdays and religious holidays are filled with unrealistic expectations. They are suppose to be perfect, they rarely are.

Stop playing the event victim and start playing the event organizer. As they say ‘The phone works both ways”.

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