Nothing But Fighting

My siblings and I are doing nothing but fighting these days. We all agree that Mom and Dad need more help, but we cannot agree on what kind of help, who should help or how much all this help will cost. I don’t want to do the actually helping out, I work full time and have kids to raise, but I do want to make sure that there is enough money to take care of them and it would be good too if there is money left over for me when they die. I have bills and responsibilities. I want the best for my parents and me too, but how can I get my siblings to see things my way?

Irene K.

Dear Ms. Selfish:

You are something else! I am glad you are not my daughter or my sister. You offer no level of support and yet think you deserve your parents’ money when they die.

First of all, they are not dead yet! If you are not willing to help out as they get older, than how dare you think about taking care of your own needs.

I bet your parents worked very hard for their money. It is their money – not yours. Do you work hard to put money in their bank accounts – no of course not – so how dare you expect their money to help you?

Change your attitude. Think about your parent’s needs not your needs. It is their money. Their money should be spent on taking care of them. Since you are so selfish, I would love to see all your parents money spent on them to make their final years fun, comfortable and safe.

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