Our team raised $4,675 for our charity!


Mary & Bob Bart
Mary & Bob Bart

On Sunday June 23rd, our charity entered a team into the annual “Healing Cycle Foundation Fund Raiser”.  We qualified as a “palliative care team” which means that the $4,675 that we raised will all come back to our charity so that we can continue our work of offering education and support to family caregivers.


Although we did not get a picture of our super volunteers Paul and Opal, they are to be congratulated for all their amazing efforts.  Paul rode 100km and Opal would have joined him for the whole ride except for getting injured along the way (Opal is on the mend – thank heavens).   My husband Bob and I enjoyed meeting up with them at the end of the ride.  Here is a picture of us at the beginning of the ride.


Thanks also to everyone who donated to our team.  We plan to do this event next year.  Perhaps you would like to join our team or donate to us next year?

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