Being a Substitute Decision Maker: An issue of rights vs. duties

Podcast Transcript – Dr. Gordon

Book cover: Late-Stage Dementia, Providing Comfort, Compassion, and CareWe wish to thank Dr. Gordon for taking time from his very busy schedule to share his perspective on some of the end-of-life issues that families often face. During our podcast he explains:

  • What is the difference between a right and a duty?
  • Why is this difference important?
  • Is the role of¬†Substitute Decision Maker something people are prepared to take on?
  • If you are going to designate someone as your Substitute Decision Maker (SDM), how should you do it?
  • If you have designated a Substitute Decision Maker and you have important wishes about your end-of-life, how should you communicate your wishes to your Substitute Decision Maker ?
  • What do you do if your Substitute Decision Maker¬† will not follow your wishes?

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  1. Hello, I have a sister who is abusing (FINANCIALLY) my Dads money. She has SDM, his wife just passed and I now have hers and my Dads wills .In the will the POA is someone else who is willing to sign over to me if possible . Can this be done and will it cancel out my sisters. She did this while dad was in care as he has dementia.

    1. I know how frustrating and helpless you must feel. To really get a handle on this issue, I suggest you meet with a lawyer to discuss your concerns and options.