Privacy and assisted bathing

My uncle, who is very private, is reluctant to have a nurse bathe him. How can I make this process easier?

Many people feel uncomfortable or may be embarrassed by having someone else bathe them. The best way to promote this is to allow time for your uncle to become comfortable with the person who is coming to his home. Also, asking him questions about his preference for staff (e.g., cultural, gender) will allow him to maintain his freedom and dignity.

The loss of control over activities of daily living, such as bathing, can be very difficult to accept. Giving your uncle as much choice and control as possible will enable him to accept the help that he needs.

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  1. Now there’s a way to stay comfortable, covered and respected. As a caregiver for my mom, it bothered me so much I designed an accessory to wear in the shower. No more embarrassment for either of us. I wanted to share w/ other caregivers. so I founded a non profit, Dignity Resource Council. Here’s this link-