Quitting Time: A PM’s Resignation Has Lessons for Caregivers

Donna Thomson

Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, resigned unexpectedly stating that “I am human, politicians are human. We give all that we can for as long as we can. And then it’s time. And for me, it’s time”.

Reflecting on this news, Donna Thomson makes the connection to caregivers: “what happens when we realize that we no longer have the necessary energy to continue? Can we resign?”

While caregivers can step back from the lead role, there are still other forms of caregiving. “Caregiving is a project and a caregiver can continue to be the project manager without being responsible for all the tasks that are necessary to a loved one receiving good care”, writes Donna Thomson.

Read more about how Donna continues her caregiving journey, even after stepping back from the lead role, on her blog The Caregivers’ Living Room.

Special thanks to Donna Thomson for sharing her insights into family caregiving.


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