Rachel’s Story: Finding a new love

My nana was one of my favourite people ever. She was hilarious, generous and strong-willed. She always had Mentos in her purse for her grandchildren, with whom she played countless games of Go Fish. She confessed years later how much she hates that game.

Her second husband is my papa. He was heartbroken when she passed away so suddenly and was very soon after diagnosed with colon cancer. When he was recovering in hospital, he found he wasn’t alone. Ana, a woman who’d been a family friend for over 40 years, never left his side. Her own husband had passed away several years earlier and she was only returning the support nana and papa had given her.

My papa got better, and a year or so after moving back home he proposed to Ana. Their wedding was a lovely family event. In my uncle’s speech, he said my nana and Susan’s first husband were surely hanging out together, so we could only want the best for those still with us.

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