SAM, DEV & ANGE – Dev’s Job Juggle


Dev has received the job offer of his dreams in another province. Taking the job will mean displacing Sam in his final year of high school and potentially moving Ange into a retirement facility (an idea she is not fond of). Dev struggles to breach the topic with Ange but thankfully Sam has a solution.

This is a 15-part series that dramatizes family issues that caregivers encounter.

Dev is a single dad to 16-year-old Sam, and the sole caregiver of his aging mother Ange. Ange lives on her own and is determined to hold onto her independence despite her declining physical and mental health. Sam is a shy kid and a little lost, keeping locked up in his room most days, playing video games. Dev worries incessantly about both of them. Stressed and desperate for relief between his work and caregiving roles, Dev serendipitously finds a support system for Sam and Ange; each other.


You can watch the video through this link:

Dev’s Job Juggle

In 2022 the TELUS Fund funded eight episodes of this web series. It has had hundreds of thousands of views since its debut. TELUS Fund was so impressed with SAM, DEV & ANGE that they approved seven more episodes to be created in 2023.  These new episodes are found at


Produced by The Best Part

Created by Macaulee Cassaday

Directed by Saffron Cassaday

Starring: Al Mukadam, Joan Gregson, and Yatharth Bhatt

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