Saving Thousands Off Funeral Costs

There are very few people who, at some point in their lives, won’t be responsible for making the final arrangements for a family member or friend. Sadly though, few are properly prepared for the task. As consumers we generally prepare ourselves when making a large purchase. It is not unusual for consumers to read other customer or professional reviews, compare costs and invest a significant amount of time and energy to insure that they receive the best value for our hard earned dollar.

However, with significant changes occurring in the death care industry, few consumers are updating their negotiation tactics or increasing their knowledge as to how to take advantage of business climates and conditions that can help a family save thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, off the cost of their funeral and cemetery property purchases.

Currently the average funeral in America costs nearly seven thousand dollars. At this time Social Security only pays a onetime Survivor Benefit of two hundred and fifty-five dollars to a surviving spouse to assist with final expenses. With this being the case, it is important for every consumer to educate themselves as to how to minimize their out of pocket cost.

The book, “A Day in the Life of Death: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Mortuary Business”, is a must read for all consumers. The information in this book prepares you for the psychological theatre that goes into the funeral arrangement process. It reveals the verbiage used to steer consumers toward purchases and it also gives the consumer insight into the merchandising methods employed my international funeral and casket corporations to maximize their profits.

Aside from revealing the business practices of an industry shrouded in secrecy, “A Day In the Life of Death” also acts as your trusted friend, offering you tips and insider suggestions that will increase your confidence and give you the intellectual permission that you will need to be a truly savvy consumer. This book will reveal to you what funeral home staff members to avoid, and which ones will be more likely to work with you on price. You will also learn what products traditionally have the largest price mark-ups and what products are in your best interest to purchase from the funeral home and when not rely upon other vendors.

Very few consumers walk into a business knowing that thousands of dollars are on the line without preparing themselves with as much information as possible to assist them in their purchase. “A Day in the Life of Death” is the most comprehensive consumers guide available on the mortuary business. It is the trusted guide of countless hospice organizations, social workers, clergy, and therapists. It has become a text book for a number of prestigious universities and colleges to teach their students about the logistical side of death and dying.

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