So you think you are tired of Covid-19?

To those going out this weekend to parks and not distancing, we understand that you’re tired of isolation, especially when the weather is so nice out.


As an ICU nurse we are tired too.

We are tired of wearing the same mask for 12hrs straight.

We are tired of finding ways to protect out skin from getting pressure sores from the PPE we are wearing all day everyday.

We are tired of face timing family members for heartbreaking conversations because they can’t be with their loved ones.

We are tired of telling our patients when they finally wake up that their spouse wasn’t as lucky as they were and have passed on.

We are tired of watching day after day someone else die that had no underlying illness.

We are tired of seeing 20 and 30 somethings stroke out.

We are tired of being the only person with our patients as they pass.

We are tired of consoling family members that got their parents sick and now have to say goodbye.

We are tired of sending our own families to live somewhere else so we don’t expose them to whatever we are bringing home.

We are tired of not being able to hug our children and our parents when we get home from a long shift.

We are tired of learning new ‘normal’ values because people are so sick normal doesn’t apply.

We are tired of watching our chronically ill patients get sicker and sicker because our system can’t handle much more than the Covid patients.

We are tired crying because there is no break from this.

We are tired of risking our lives for ungrateful privileged assholes that don’t see beyond their own inconvenience to see what others are facing.


So yes, we get that you’re tired, we’re all tired, but this virus doesn’t get tired and if you start getting lax we will all be in this longer and lots more lives will be lost. So just stay home and be a responsible adult so we can all have a drink on a patio this summer……cuz us healthcare workers need it.


Shannon Doherty

ICU Nurse, Toronto, Ontario

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