Stories For Caregivers. Video #5. Caregivers in the Wild.



Developed by The Coup Company with the participation of TELUS Fund, Stories For Caregivers is an initiative designed to generate awareness about caregiving through the creation of original web series that showcase the inspiring work of caregivers across Canada.

In 2017, TELUS Fund launched the first Special Call for Web Series to surface stories with the potential to positively impact individuals caring for loved ones. Since then the Fund has helped finance twenty original pilot episodes and eight original web series: How We Die, Culture of Caring, Letters from Caregivers, Growing Together with Jann Arden, Cypher, Caring For Those Who Care, Being There, and House Call With Dr. Yvette Lu.

These touching series have been released annually to the public through the Stories For Caregivers initiative, with marketing and promotional support provided by TELUS Fund. In that time they have amassed over 9 MILLION views and have been featured on national television, radio, and other mainstream news media across the country.

Stories For Caregivers is currently the largest online community of caregivers in Canada and remains committed to sharing stories that inspire caregivers and generating awareness of the global issue of caregiving.

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Caregivers in the Wild Series.

In our hyper-connected world family caregivers rarely get away from it all. Fortunately, Canada still has vast stretches of wilderness that can allow caregivers to truly take a break. This series follows seven family caregivers as they explore both their caregiving experiences and the beautiful wilderness of Western Canada. A unique outdoor adventure is specifically designed for each caregiver by health researcher and adventure guide, Dr. Mike Lang, using his knowledge of therapeutic recreation, deep understanding of family caregiving, and extensive experience facilitating adventure trips over the past 15 years. Other experts also join in the adventure, offering tips and tailored caregiving advice in conversations during the day or around the campfire at night. Through the refreshing beauty of nature, meaningful conversations, and adventurous moments each caregiver feels rejuvenated and returns home with a deeper understanding of their own caregiving experiences. Fortunately, through the camera lens, caregivers across the country will also get to learn from these meaningful moments in the wilderness. This is Caregivers in the Wild.

Featured episode synopsis – The Nature of Affirmation

Paul doesn’t like being the center-of-attention, but that is often what happens as the father of a child with behavioral challenges related to a global developmental delay. Over the years, the constant attention required by his son has placed strain on his relationship with his wife Amy, but together they have learned the best ways to support each other. On a rock-climbing adventure with Dr. Mike Lang and certified health coach Nicole Struthers, Paul reflects on the mountain highs and lows of his caregiving journey while exploring the value of affirmation for family caregivers.

Produced by Roadwest Pictures & Mike Lang Stories

Hosted by Dr. Mike Lang

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