A Study Of Family Caregiver Burden And The Imperative Of Practice Change To Address Family Caregivers’ Unmet Needs

An estimated 15 million family caregivers in the US provide unpaid care for a loved one with dementia. Despite the fact that the physical and emotional toll on family caregivers is well-documented, little has been done to integrate caregiver support into the routine care of dementia patients. Poor caregiver well-being may not only matter for the patient and caregiver, but for health systems’ bottom line as well.

In this blog post by Health Affairs magazine, the authors highlight caregivers’ perspectives on the challenges they face, identify resources caregivers use for support, and point to levers for improving the care experience of patients with cognitive impairment and that of their caregivers.

*Please note Health Affairs is a US publication highlighting US-based statistics and data.

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