What is Looking Ahead?

Start Looking Ahead Today!Through its web-based platform, Looking Ahead stores and organizes critical documents, instructions and wishes that may be digitally and securely shared with one’s Power(s) of Attorney and Executor(s).  Features such as a personal dashboard and push notifications ensures users keep their estate current and their list of relevant professionals up to date.

Our solution smartly organizes your affairs into 3 main categories: Incapacitation, Death and Legacy.  Once you create your Looking Ahead account, you can download the iOS app for your iPhone or iPad.

Looking Ahead was designed to help save your loved ones stress, time and money; and, to help you achieve peace of mind knowing your wishes will be realized by:

  1. Keeping an inventory of your assets, insurance policies, digital assets and more,
  1. Creating Legacy videos & letters to be distributed to loved ones in a timely manner
  1. Print a hard copy of your entire profile and store it in a customized binder (ordered from the Looking Ahead website)

We are proud to offer visitors/members of Caregiving Matters a 50% discount off the annual subscription fee.

Please take a tour by visiting www.lookingahead.com where you can watch our videos and sample the app.  When you are ready, click ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION when filling out the SIGN UP page, then enter Promotional Code, EAA5-5DCE-BC9B-B12C

Start Looking Ahead Today!

Email: info@lookingahead.com

Website: www.lookingahead.com



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