What the hell am I supposed to do?

I just found out that my brother who was my Dad’s POA purchased the family cottage from my Dad just 3 weeks before he died. My Dad died in July, 2010. I went in there this week, and the door key did not work. My brother had not only changed the keys, but forgot to tell me that he now owns our family jewel.


Dear Lee:

Clearly your brother has his own agenda. I cannot image one of my siblings buying our family cottage and forget to tell me about it. I would be like you, so mad, so hurt and so out of my mind.

Are there things inside the cottage that you would like? Make a list and present them to your brother. He is clearly in charge and can do whatever he likes. He may give you the things that you cherish.

Trust is something that is earned. He has lost the right to be trusted. Walk and talk in a guarded fashion around him.

I think that your brother is totally self-serving.

What other surprises has he in store for you? Only time will tell!

I too would be devastated. Devastated enough to not bother with him again.

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