When a Book Hits So Close to Home: The Lady With The Crown

Donna Thomson

From a young age, Donna Thomson wished for something profound to happen, but little did she anticipate that it would lead her to become a caregiver at the age of 16 when her father suffered a stroke.

In a heartfelt blog post, Donna shares the challenges and transformative moments that shaped her caregiving journey, baring her emotions and experiences. Recently, she discovered “The Lady With the Crown – A Story of Resilience” by Kathleen Canrinus, a memoir that deeply captivated her. Kathleen’s powerful account of caring for her mother after a traumatic brain injury struck a resonant chord with Donna.

The memoir speaks to all caregivers, reminding them of the strength and personal growth that emerges from such demanding journeys. For those touched by caregiving or seeking insight into its profound impact, Donna warmly recommends this heartfelt memoir as a must-read.

Join Donna on her blog, The Caregivers’ Living Room, for more stories and insights.

Special thanks to Donna Thomson for sharing her insights into family caregiving.


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