When your loved one has had a stroke

A stroke can be very traumatic. It often occurs suddenly, and the resulting damage can range from mild to severe. A person who has had a stroke will most often be admitted to a hospital for assessment and possible rehab; after which, the person will be discharged. So how can you prepare for your loved one’s return home?

First, it’s important to understand what has happened. A stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is stopped or blood vessels going to the brain are ruptured, causing the affected area of the brain to die. Ideally, people recognize the initial warning signs of a stroke such as weakness, trouble speaking, vision problems, headache and dizziness and go to the emergency department immediately for an assessment.

Discovering the severity

Many people who have a stroke recover all or most of their normal function, but others can be left quite disabled and are unable to move, speak or eat normally. Other, in the most severe cases, can die. The area of the brain where the stroke occurs is largely responsible for the person’s disability and subsequent recovery.

Recovery at home

Following treatment in hospital, which may include rehabilitation, your loved one will be discharged home. To prepare for their arrival, there are three areas that you can review: the home environment, and their physical and emotional care.

A safer environment

Making the home more

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