Who is a Substitute Decision Maker?

Podcast Transcript – Dr. S. Campbell

We are honoured that Dr. Campbell is our first guest expert for our podcast series. During our conversation, she shares some of her insights and wisdom into the lives of Substitute Decision Makers. She speaks to their needs, struggles, and issues.

Dr. Campbell helps us to understand more about being a Substitute Decision Maker, including:

  • Who are Substitute Decision Makers?
  • What are the challenges facing a Substitute Decision Maker?
  • What we should not assume about them?
  • What’s important to Substitute Decision Makers, what do they think about?
  • What does a Substitute Decision Maker need?

Dr. Campbell reminds us that Substitute Decision Makers are mostly family members who work very hard, often over many years, taking care of their loved one. She acknowledges that most are untrained for this very important role and that society needs to help educate and support them as best possible.

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  1. It was a pleasure (and comforting) to hear Dr. Campbell’s insight into the issues-as she said, each situation is unique, however there are definitely common threads and we can all learn from each other!