Who’s on Your Team?

To ensure your parent is properly looked after, you’ll often need more than yourself and a family physician. You’ll need a team of professionals. In my experience, this team should include, in addition to the family doctor, a pharmacist, geriatric care manager, a geriatrician, a home care team, and a home health care equipment provider. Here’s how they can work collaboratively to treat your parent:

Family physician: This professional is the designated port of entry in our health care system. He or she is responsible for all health care records; consequently, the care of a patient is orchestrated through this office, and all records and referrals are registered with him or her.

The family physician is also a referral agent who investigates symptoms and then refers the client to a specialist such as a cardiologist, neurologist or orthopaedic physician. The family doctor is also the point of access to other important community services such as dietitians, speech-language pathologists, and occupational or physical therapists.

Pharmacist: These professionals do more than fill prescriptions! In fact, the pharmacist is a vital part of the older person’s

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