Day by Day

As each hour passes day by day,
Sometimes struggling what to say,
Fog and clouds inside my head,
Cannot speak what should be said

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Help me Remember

So will you help me, remember when?
Time`s were good, way back then

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Hear My Cries

Voice`s fading, not through age,
Dementia building it`s sound proof cage,
Listening in but nothing out,
Unable to talk but able to shout

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In Two Minds

I am so angry!!! Not at anybody else, or at myself but at this Dammed Disease!! Whilst I was looking through some computer pics and old postings (something I do regular to remind me hopefully loll) I come to realise I have become two people!! Please stay with me on this as I will try to explain what I feel.

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Days Of Hope

Cloudy mind`s, heartfelt cries,
Confusion reigns, tear stained eyes,
Memories fading, yet so aware,
Disappearing without a care

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Losing My Independence

I love my life!! I know that may sound strange from someone who has heart troubles and a diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s, but life in general is great because of my family and friends, well, all apart from Wednesdays that is!! Let me explain.

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Life’s Gamble

Hello and today I would like to share with you something that happened whilst Elaine and I were out and about. I had woken a little bit “Cloudy” as I describe it and had already had a very disturbed night. The nightmares came thick and fast last night and are too horrific to publish, but after a bit of breakfast I explained to Elaine I had been stuck in long enough because of my Flu and needed some fresh air.

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Alzheimer’s And The Flu

I started with the flu on New Year’s Eve, just a shiver and a runny nose at first. Then it all went downhill from there culminating in one of the worst nights we have ever had last night. So, here I am, with the flu, add into the mix, Alzheimer’s, COPD, and major breathing problems and it’s just a recipe for disaster which came to a head last night.

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Alzheimer`s On Christmas Day

I have nine grandchildren, two of which live in Australia, one who still lives in the north of England, and six who were in the same front room as me on Christmas day. Can you imagine how hard it is sitting there watching your grandchildren, both young and old run riot, when you know that there is such a good chance you are going to forget all of these happy faces?

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Me And my Alzheimer’s

Hello, this is my most recent account of how I first found out how I was suffering from Alzheimer`s (The early onset of) and how it has affected my day to day living and how its deteriorated since despite the help of some wonderful medics and medicine.

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